Infusion Vol. 2

Infusion Vol. 2 assembles many months of single song releases together into a new compilation focused on various flavors of electronic music. As a series, Infusion seeks to curate artists, songs, and genres to deliver a weekly dose of modern aural surprise and delight. One by one, each tune was released paired with a complimentary piece of artwork from visual artist Joyce Su, creating a story told through each publication. Together, these twelve distinct songs create a diverse yet coherent listening experience; the selection of songs becomes stronger than any of the individual offerings, culminating in a collection larger than just the sum of its parts.

The compilation starts strong with a red hot Hip Hop track from Vokab Kompany featuring vocals from Lyrics Born. The next three tracks from new-to-Gravitas artists Pigeon Hole, Elevated Mind, and Contra promptly take the comp to a heavier place with some hard hitting bass. Zebbler Encanti Experience, Unlimited Gravity, and Bassline Drift all further represent the Gravitas family along with a cast of newcomers to round out the compilation delivering songs that span the range of weird, heavy dubstep to beautiful melodic bass.


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